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Universal Studios Florida is a theme park and production studio located in Orlando, Florida. Opened on June 7, 1990, the park's theme is the entertainment industry, in particular movies and television. The park encourages its guests to "ride the movies" and features numerous attractions and live shows. It is a component of the larger Universal Orlando Resort. The park hosted an estimated 10.2 million visitors in 2017, ranking it as the sixth most attended theme park in the United States and the ninth most attended theme park worldwide.

A customer shared their experience at the Universal Studio Theme parks in a review, "I would not stay at a Universal property again. The theme park is fun but way too expensive. We did the express pass that was ridiculously expensive. The Resort need updating. The best part is the free transportation between the resort and the theme parks. Not even the ride between the airport and the resort is included. I had the meal plan but it doesn't include the restaurants at the resorts. I love kids but try to get into the hot tub! Good luck! There were at least 20 kids in it at all times. I've been to Disney and that is where I will go from now on."

One employee also said in an interview, If you have family this job is not for you. If you have anything going on in your life this is not the job for you. If you love working and being alone and getting mistreated then this is the job for you! Hard times in your life they don’t care as long as you come to work your outside life is not important to them. I had a manage tell me “you knew what you signed up for” when I wanted to go part time what kind of response is that."


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Custodian (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care about employees , management sucks! Terrible place to work! Part time, don’t have benefits! Have to work nights and weekends! The place sucks!"

Server (Former Employee) says

"I was not happy at universal Orlando at all they was not willing to work with my school schedule so that I could advance my career opportunities. I gave them one star."

Park service maintenace (Former Employee) says

"Horrific work experience.this place its the worse place to work for . Management treat employees like hire hand or worse. Benefits are not even worth workng for them"

Laundry attenden (Current Employee) says

"Would be a good place to work if they cared about the people that work really hard to keep those parks running 24 hours a day everyday but they don’t care about their people all they care about is all the money they make. This is a multibillion dollar company with hard working employees who work really hard I worked there almost five years and management changed hands so many times it was sad with each one caring even less about their team the pay is pathetic for the amount of work you have to do especially since it is a multi billion dollar company. I know your probably saying why did I work there so long well honestly I needed to keep making money until I found something better. They work on a points system and in the time I was there I never fell below 13 points and they constantly remind you or intimidate you about theses points but in my time there I saw so many people point out and they were given chance after chance why because their turnaround rate is sad and yet they treat their employees so poorly."

Guest Service Representative [Team Leader] (Current Employee) says

"As I have worked for this company since the age of sixteen, I have learned a lot from them. But over the years I see that the professionalism has steadily declined and feel as if it is time to put what experience I have accomplished elsewhere. Especially in a more stable environment. Cons: Short breaks, bad benefits, and disorganization."

Cashier Customer Service/ Trainer (Former Employee) says

"universal expects their employees to work all hours without asking, the only time they will ask you questions if if you want to leave early when they dont have as many people in the park as they thought. for things like HHN, christman and events you better not have anything planned they will schedule you 3pm-1am and most of the time your just standing around looking at the wall. if you request days off that all it is a request does not mean its going to get approved. when the shift doesnt get approved and you offer the shift up management does want to sign off on it they pretend they never saw it."

Attraction Attendant (Current Employee) says

"When you first start, you think that this job is alright for what it is. Then reality kicks in, the guest service mentality is seen as a religion to a large amount of people who work there, and may there be mercy upon the poor soul who dare mention any sort of reality. Cons: management, work environment, employee treatment"

Attractions Attendant (Former Employee) says

"If you are going to work at Universal, do not work in attractions. It’s very hard to move up and a lot of the managers play favorites. The people you work with are wonderful but leads and managers don’t always care about your well being."

Ride Automation Tech (Former Employee) says

"They advance people with seniority over better qualified and far more intelligent people. They act like a union shop even though they aren't. Such a shame."

Survey Interviewer (Former Employee) says

"I worked in the surveys department and they are not the best people to work with them. Micromanagement to the extreme. Not a good environment at all."

Senior Business Systems Analyst / Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Expected to arrive and begin work. Deliverable expectations were sometimes unrealistic. Stressful working conditions - fellow workers demanding and very unsympathetic when roadblocks appeared. Cons: No breaks, stressful, no sympathy"

Attractions Attendant (Current Employee) says

"It's hard to balance school, performances, studio time and rehearsals around my work schedule. Sometimes it can get a bit crazy. I try not to call out, so most of the time I have to give someone else my shift so I don't get in trouble for calling out too many times. Cons: Uptight Management, Crowded, Abrasive Coworkers, Late Night Events, Angry Guests"

Attractions Operator (Current Employee) says

"operating rides is fun in the beginning, after a while it becomes very monotone and it makes you feel more like a robot than a person. having guests treat you dirt really gets old too. Having to deal with little complaints that are out of your control then having everyone above you belittle you too makes it hard to keep a smile on your face. Realizing you should be paid more for what you do and finally finding out that entertainment is where the real money is and you do not even half the work. Cons: power hungry leads, supervisors that don't listen"

Paramedic-Trainer (Former Employee) says

"At first blush, Universal Florida is a picture postcard. However, the reality is a shocking mix of demeaning senior managers, rule by time clock and minimal opportunity for advancement. You are a numer to be replaced on a whim. Employees have all the rights of indentured servants which explains an incredibly high turnover. And those free tickets every quarter? Subject to continuous blackout. Want to feel under-valued, over stressed and unappreciated? This is the job for you."

Team Member (Former Employee) says

"i enjoyed meeting & talking to awsome people from all over the world. I leanred more about team work & communication. Management is descent at most times. The hardest part was traveling from different parks. Cons: short breaks, constant walking"

Bartender and Lead in Food Service (Former Employee) says

"It's a good place to work for a part time job. After working there for many years I've learned a lot from Managers other employees. Mostly I learned a lot from upper management how to hire and fire. The hardest is dealing with so many different personality's but it's very intresting all at the same time. Very demanding job fast paced like a fast food resturant. The best is learning from guest you meet every day from all over the world. Cons: not long enough breaks"

Stocker/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"You are constantly reminded that you are replaceable. Moving up is nearly impossible unless you "know" someone. Pay is minimal and you will be expected to do more than just your job without complaint. Cons: bad pay, no career growth"

Attractions Attendant (Current Employee) says

"Typical day at work would be pretty easy. I've learned how to quickly react to sudden situations on a daily basis. Management is like everywhere. My co-workers are my best friends. Hardest part of the job would be the craziness during peak season. The most enjoyable part of the job would be the great benefits it offers."

Valet Attendant (Former Employee) says

"This is a good paying environment. If it comes between you and the customer, the company will dispose of you to please a customer. Decent job when it comes to pay, not so decent when you factor job security."

Attractions Attendant (Former Employee) says

"The entire management isnt terrible however, they offer less and less benefits as the years go by in the years that I worked there the highest raise I got was 24 cents being the hourly pay up to whopping $10:54 after 4 yrs, the lunch in the mini grills for employees became more expensive a burger and fries when I started was maybe $2.50 now 5 dollars no drink included on top of that they made the cups smaller but were charging more for them. The Supervisors do nothing but play favorites and they don’t even try to hide it. Don’t waste your time the entire time you’re there they make it very very obvious that you’re exspenable"

Stuart Potter says

"Absolutely appalling company to deal with, Our holiday has been cancelled due to Covid 19 and the company will only refund part of our ticket price, we bought 5 tickets at £400 each but they are refusing to refund the full amount, they will only refund £300 per ticket!!! So they have taken £500 from us, when it was nothing we could do anything about, for a company to make money out of this terrible pandemic is beyond disgusting!! I have never come across such poor customer service!"

James Lynch says

"This company are refusing to give its customers refunds, they say they have to wait for there suppliers to refund them before they refund customers,but the customers paid Orlando Attraction Tickets not a third party? Disgracefull !!! message for the trust pilot team who removed my last post - I AM NOT A ROBOT"

Joanne says

"Still waiting for refund....... At the outset I contacted them to change our booking dates for all 10 people and also advised if we cannot do that, can I just get a refund then book again with you for the new dates or even supply a credit / voucher? due to our holiday been cancelled. The company's behaviour has been in my opinion shocking to say the least, based on my experiences with other company's willingness to meet customer expectations at this difficult time. From the outset this company has tried to apply charges for changes due to COVID. No other company I have dealt with has had the audacity to do so, what does this say about the company's ethics and values for a so called company that advertises tickets come with “Smiles included ®” - Stay well clear... Don't forget you can claim back from your Visa's if you used to pay for tickets, over £100 in the UK - Use it to get your money back and leave them with the headache! hope you all that are having trouble with them get sorted soon.."

andrew finch says


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